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      Beijing Shibohengye Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 1997 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. The company is mainly engaged in water treatment, petrochemical cleaner production, product sales, services and technological development. The company is possessed of a professional team composed of technicians who have a broad range of field experience. There are Water Department, MPR Department, EMC Department,equipment processing factories and four offices.

      The Water Department first introduced reverse osmosis scale inhibitor in 1997 and has been keeping the leading position ever since. Relying on high-quality products and high-level technical services of high cost performance ratios, the company has become China's largest supplier of reverse osmosis chemicals and the biggest service provider of system operation. It became a strategic cooperative partner of DOW in 2009 and was appointed to provide renewal services for end users. The company developed the reverse osmosis concentrate recovery technology in 2000 and managed to improve the water recovery rate of reverse osmosis technology to 90%. In the meantime, our company collaborated with the state key environmental hydrochemistry laboratory of the Research Center for Eco-environmental Sciences of CAS and developed the industrial condensate and clean sewage recovery technology, which has acquired three patents.

      As the China's representative office of the MPR Company in America, MRP Department introduced the amine and sulfolane purification technology which is designed to provide services for oil refineries and natural gas purification plants. There have already over 20 sets of devices put into operation and we have gained customers' very favorable reception. In addition, the amine purification of the world's largest natural gas purification plant Puguang was undertaken to build by our company, and the products command a ready market overseas. For the moment, the company is broadening the application fields of this technology and providing purification services for the amine systems in which carbon dioxide in flue gas is recovered.

      The EMC Department responds to the nation's call and is directed at the problem of high energy consumption during production processes.This department is engaged in adopting EMC modes and assisting users in energy saving modification. In September 2009, the department finished the water circulating pump modification project in Ningxia Petroleum & Chemical Corporation and helped users save electricity of 23 million kilowatt hours. While resolving the problem of equipment aging and unsteady operation for the enterprise, the departmentalso helped users obtain very fine economic benefit. At the end of May 2010, the department initiated two EMC projects: changing from electric engines of recirculating water air blowers into hydroturbines and changing from boiler feed pumps into steam turbines. Due to the achievements obtained by the company, the company became one of the first members of Tianjin Climate Exchange in 2010.

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