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    MPR is the United States conoco oil purification technology to be commercialized amine formed a subsidiary, since 1989 in the amine and sulfolane purification services, MPR amine purification system company made a thorough study, has a series of purification of patented technology.
    The company is the United States Department of MPR MPR Amine purification technology company in China, the only representative, responsible for business promotion in the China region, including Southeast Asia and China, the equipment manufacturing and technical services.
    The company Amine purification equipment since 2003, the first set put into operation in Lanzhou Petrochemical since the end of 2010 has been successfully applied in the petroleum, petrochemical, refinery joint ventures and overseas projects last two sets, one used in the petrochemical Puguang Natural Gas Purification Plant Amine purification device is the world's largest amine purification system.

Figure: the world's largest natural gas purification plant Puguang Amine purification devices

        Amine of the Company in the promotion of clean technology, is also seeking technical innovation and breakthrough, and in 2008, circulation cleaning system developed and patented. The successful application of circulation cleaning system to reduce amine losses in the same time, the band can reduce the amount of water to the system. Because of this, the domestic use of high concentrations of amine used in all the natural gas purification plant purification equipment of the Company; also a breakthrough in the application fields, the company has Amine Amine purification technology to the field of flue gas carbon dioxide recovery Amine Purification .
Environment Centre in the Chinese Academy of Sciences of the Company has a joint lab, the user can provide a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of amine, Amine purification services to provide full support and protection.
MPR has a group of the Ministry of well-trained, professional and strong team, able to provide professional technical support, we look forward to cooperating with you!

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